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For Members, both current and prospective – Herein you will find several internal publications that you may find of great help. Please peruse the following at your leisure, and enrich yourself greatly:

First and foremost, we have the Guild Directory for the 2013 Faire Season – Within this grand document, you will find information on the many interesting and varied characters that bring the year 1562 to life within our Guild – or at least the cast as it was at the end of the 2013 calendar year. Stay tuned – the 2015 version will be coming shortly!

Next, and almost as important as the characters within St. Andrew’s, is what they wear. So do enjoy browsing through our 2015 Costume Guidelines to get a better idea of what we require to dress the part.

So, after looking through the directory, and understanding the requirements of creating a costume fit for Court, you still want more? Very well said, Sir or Madam! Your next step then, is to consider playing a true historical character, right out of the pages of history! At his point you need to take a wee bit of time, and familiarize your self with our Historical Character Guidelines and see if you are up to the challenge. Done? Great! Now go re-read them, just to be sure. There will be a quiz later…

So, in preparation of that quiz I warned you about, if you really have your heart set on becoming bigger than life (and we hope you do!), it’s time to download our Historical Character Request Form, fill it out, and send it in. You are well on your way to fun beyond your wildest dreams! Well, a lot of fun, anyways. Best of luck to you – now get studying!

All right – let’s say you’ve made it through all of the paperwork (plus my hyperbole and enthusiasm) above, and have decided you really want to just make up a character, or stick with the character you’ve already made up. Take a peek at our Character Profile – this will help you develop a basic non-historical character the will meet all our basic requirements to join Saint Andrew’s.

What’s that, you say? You have an idea on something fun to do during the faire day? Great! I’ve used up most of my brain power trying to sound witty creating this page… But in the interest of the old Faire Improv rule “surprise the character, not the actor”, and to help management create our schedule for each event, please download our handy Gig Request Form and take a shot. This will help us understand your idea, and help everyone involved understand your mad genius…

And last, but certainly not least – FAVORS! We almost ALWAYS need FAVORS! Her Majesty gives these things out like candy (and so have I, come to think of it – shhh, don’t tell anybody!), so we always need a goodly supply of these. Wait, what’s a favor, you say? How do you make a favor, you say? Fear not! Our Favor Guidelines have all those answers, and more. Well, not much more. But they will teach you how to make a favor. Or so I’ve been told…