The Royal Guard

Duncan-SomervilleSir Duncan Somerville, 1st Captain of the Royal Guard


Her Majesty’s Royal Guard consists of gentlemen of noble families, who have pledged their lives to protect the Queen.

At any event we do, a rotating schedule is created to ensure that two guards are protecting Her Royal Majesty at all times. Those who are not guarding are either practicing sword fighting or halberdry. Our scheduled programs include the royal trooping, the battle pageant, arrests and drubbings, and escorting dignitaries.

An actor wishing to portray a Royal Guard must be steadfast, loyal, hearty, and strong. An ability to learn and follow Gaelic commands is vital to the success of the entire regiment. We are the military aspect of Saint Andrew’s Noble Order of Royal Scots, and each guard takes his part seriously.

Come serve her Majesty with us. You may even get a chance to arrest some of those unruly highlanders!


The Royal Guard arresting a Highland lass