The Nobles

james-stewartLord James Stewart


The actors in this household are members of the court. This includes Mary, Queen of Scots, members of Her royal family, as well as others of royal heritage, such as Courtiers and Ambassadors. Both historical roles (real people) and ficticious roles are played by our members.


A courtier answers questions for the patrons and introduces them to the Queen, after a brief lesson in court etiquette. We sing, read poems, and perform gigs, both in the street and in court. We also perform court dances, wherein the public is encouraged to learn and participate in the dances.


An Ambassador is a foreign dignitary and must always behave with the upmost diplomacy. They provide court color, engaging the guests who come to court. An actor portraying an Ambassador must be able to maintain the character of a foreign person, although speaking with an accent is not mandatory.

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