Hallelujah! The end of one journey has arrived…

So on to the next!  After all, website design is a never ending journey, right?

Hello!  This is Cullen popping in here for a few reasons.  First and foremost, our dear Archibald Campbell, our hard working Earl of Argyll, has asked me to test the site’s guest authoring feature…  So, assuming you are reading this, it works!  And you know what that means, right?  Yup, that means any of you who want to guest author posts (or even a regular blog) on this site can now do so.  All you have to do is send Archie an email at his official email address of earlofargyll1562 AT gmail DOT com (yes, you have to be smarter than the spambots to apply – consider this your first test…) and volunteer.  Please, don’t send them to my yahoo email address – that gets full enough as is planning all of our border raids and Hepburn cattle reiving!

Second, and just as important – as you can see, the new WordPress formatted website has now gone live on all three domains – .org, .com, and .net.  I believe we have faithfully saved all the important issues from the old website, added some interesting new content, improved the look and navigatability (is that even a word?) of the site, and laid the groundwork for this site to grow.  No longer will this be just a site to check only for the calendar – no, hopefully this site will continue to grow and add features, starting with the new Parchment 2.0 Archie mentioned on the front page…

And last – he and I just wanted to try and confuse all of you.  Because, like Her Majesty and my dear wife, Gwen, Archie and I are rarely (if ever) seen in the same place.  But I want to you all to know that I completely have his back.  Anything he can’t get done, I’m here to bail him out!  (Just ignore the fact that we share a similar writing style and wit.  Pure coincidence, I assure you!)

With that, I will now bid you farewell, and safe travels!

Cullen Elliot, Assistant Webmaster