And here we go again!

Hello gentles, one and all,

It is indeed that time of the year again, where we kick off a grand new Faire season by welcoming Her Majesty, Mary Stuart, back from France to take her rightful place as Queen of Scotland in this, the year of our Lord, Fifteen and Sixty-Two. And then just a short week after, we are off to visit her subjects as we celebrate all things Celtic at the 29th Annual Sonora Celtic Faire

For more information on the Welcoming Ceremony on Saturday, February 28, see our February scroll here.

To learn all about our busiest weekend of the year, read up on all the Sonora Celtic Faire details see the March scroll here.

Her Majesty hopes to see you at both events, so get out your finest of clothing and jewelry, put yourself in the mindset to travel back with us to 1562, and come join the fun!

In Service to Her Majesty, I am, now and always ~

Archibald Campbell
5th Earl of Argyll,
6th Lord Campbell,
5th Lord Lorne,
High Justicar of Scotland,
MacCailein Mor, and
Assistant Guild Master, Operations

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