About St. Andrew’s



edu-demoSaint Andrews is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational corporation dedicated to educating the public on the history, customs, dress and culture of Scotland in the year 1562 during the Queen’s Progress throughout Scotland. Our many dedicated volunteers strive to entertain and educate through the medium of living history at Scottish Games, Renaissance Faires, and school events.

The Guild of Saint Andrews is the premier Renaissance re-enactment group specializing in presenting the people and events of the court of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. With over 80 re-enactors portraying historic events from the mid-1560’s and Her Majesty’s Royal Court, our group recreates the romantic period of Mary’s life right after her return to Scotland from France and while on her annual summer progress.

With many costumes reproduced from portraits, and with dialects and languages of the era, our talented cast combines theatrical skills with historic research to bring a small piece of Mary’s Court to visitors of Scottish Games and Renaissance Faires. Our days at faire include dueling, feasting, music, games, battles and of course an opportunity for you to meet and have a personal audience with Her Majesty!