About ready to go live…

Well, this whole site update thing got off to a great start, then, as Faire season ramped into high gear and live got busy and complicated, it ran into a figurative brick wall…  But I am now happy to say that, after several months of behind the scenes tweaking, teaching myself WordPress, and learning just what the hell the differences are between normal HTML and Responsive web site coding (compare the “Contacts” or “In the News” pages between your desktop and your cell phone, and you’ll get the general idea!), I’m happy to announce this, the final beta of the new and improved website!  Please poke around at all the stuff; go ahead and compare it’s predecessor (still at the old site) to what I’ve morphed it into…

Yes, there are a few things that have disappeared – for example, the Guildhouses that are not my actual Guildhouse are just blank placeholders until I find out who else is doing what, and when.  But try this out on various browsers – even though I currently have this open in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera on my desktop, and Firefox, Chrome and Dolphin on my Android, there’s several dozen other browsers and different versions of the browsers I’m using to test this on that are begging to prove Mr. Murphy and his law right…

But hopefully you’ll look, then look harder, and still find absolutely nothing wrong…  Because I’m ready to take a break from copying old website stuff, and am ready to try a few things new!


In Service to Her Majesty, I am, now and always ~

Archibald Campbell
5th Earl of Argyll,
6th Lord Campbell,
5th Lord Lorne,
High Justicar of Scotland,
MacCailein Mor, and
Assistant Guild Master, Operations

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