2016 – A Year of Changes, Advances, and Fun!

Greetings to all, and welcome back to St. Andrew’s Noble Order of Royal Scots in this, the Year of Our Lord, 2016!

We hope you are prepared, once again, to journey forth to experience the wonderment and joy, and even the magnificence that is this hobby and passion we call Historical Re-enactment! If you are a returning Volunteer, whether this is your second year or second decade with us, we are most pleased to have you back. If this is your first full year with us, then welcome – we hope you are prepared for a full calendar of education and entertainment! A season or two filled with pomp and circumstance, and multitudes of Her Grace’s loyal subjects eager to experience all that is Her Court here in 1562. And if you are simply returning to visit Her Grace at one of her many stops during her travels around this generally warm corner of Scotland we call Northern California, be most welcome! After all, it is for YOU that all we loyal subjects to Her Grace, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, First of Her Name, partake in this hobby we love so! After all, without your patronage, we – and the wonderful Scottish and Celtic events that graciously host us – could not and would not exist!

We are most excited to announce that we once again have a full schedule for the upcoming year – and at a good, steady pace at that! Of course, all this is available on Her Grace’s schedule found on the website calendar, but indulge me while I recap our intended progress this fine year… We will start, as always, in just over a month celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Sonora Celtic Festival. A month later, in early April, will be the Tartan Day Festivities as hosted by the East Bay Scots. Next, assuming no issues arise, will follow the Modesto Scottish Games on the first Saturday in June. After that, just a few weeks later, we are pleased to be attending the first of what we are sure will be many grand Scottish Games hosted by the Mother Lode Scots! With those four events out of the way, Her Grace shall take her leave of travels for a bit to escape the unseasonable heat of July… (Volunteers, that’s the cue for our annual summer POOL PARTY!)

Of course, that period of rest will just be to prepare for the second season of Her travels for 2016! We shall kick off the latter part of the year with the always wonderful Monterey Scottish Games in early August and the biggest event of them all, the Pleasanton Scottish Games on Labor Day weekend. After this, we head to the beautiful forest setting of the Celtic Music Festival, put on by our friends at KVMR in early October, for Her Grace’s last official Court stop of the year before retiring for the holidays to grand Edinburgh! And last – if you look very closely, you may also find many of us masquerading as mysterious other characters at the All Hallows Fantasy Faire in late October. After all, even Nobles need to dress up and play someone else every now and again!

So make your plans now to come join us at one or more of these events. Her Grace’s travels through Scottish California in 2016 have something almost every month to experience – and new Volunteers are always welcome… But visits from you, our dear guests, are even more welcome! So on that note, I bid you adieu – until we meet again!

In Service to Her Grace, I am, now and always ~

Archibald Campbell
5th Earl of Argyll,
6th Lord Campbell,
5th Lord Lorne,
High Justicar of Scotland,
MacCailein Mor, and
Guild Master, Saint Andrew’s Noble Order of Royal Scots